We offer a range of solutions for detection of disease states in community healthcare settings, hospitals, mass screening contexts and research-specific environments. This can include outright device sales as well as diagnostic results-as-a-service packages.

Sales of proprietary Volatile Organic Compound detection equipment


BreathSpec® is Imspex Medical’s proprietary breath analyser. Its unique combination of gas chromatography (GC) and Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technologies result in a number of benefits for users and healthcare providers across multiple applications: 

  • Use of breath samples makes this a completely non-invasive tool for screening and diagnosis;
  • It is based on well-established and accepted detection technologies that are used in scientific and industrial contexts;
  • Proven accuracy in detecting respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and infections associated with bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens. Our studies have shown sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 80% in detecting Covid-19 and accuracy as good as or better than standard of care evaluations when identifying Covid-19 or differentiating between bacterial and viral causes of respiratory tract infection; 
  • The combination offers speed of detection and analysis without compromising accuracy;
  • The GC-IMS technology is designed to withstand high testing volumes;
  • BreathSpec®’s robust construction makes it ideal for use in community contexts, in situations requiring portability and in mass screening environments where trained personnel may not be available;
  • It is easy to use: 
    • Use protocols are available for all locations and uses
    • Binary outputs that do not require interpretation are available in use environments where skilled users may not be present
    • Sample preparation is not required as no consumables are used 
    • The device is small, portable and does not require any special handling. Refrigeration is not needed
    • No calibration is required
    • Technical training and support is provided
    • Connectivity to Laboratory Information Management Systems is integral
  • Cost-effectiveness and value-for-money is at the heart of this device

FluidSpec™ brings the BreathSpec® capabilities to bear on liquid and solid headspace analyses such as those done to detect infectious diseases such as Group B Streptococcus and sepsis-related infections. This device brings all the established functionality of the Imspex group's FlavourSpec® device with a rebranded identity that fits comfortably in a medical market. Analysis is automated and results are produced within minutes. The device has demonstrated particular accuracy with disease indications such as Group B Streptococcus infection with 97% specificity and 81% sensitivity.

Diagnostic results-as-a-service

Packages are available to account for the number of tests likely to be run through a device. Contact us to discuss whether this option would be a feasible option for your specific situation.  

Contact us for further details about our rapid VOC detection solutions or for a free-of-charge discussion about what solution would work best for your specific context.