Corporate Information 

Imspex Medical is bringing rapid, point-of-care breath analysis testing to the forefront as the next-generation modality of healthcare diagnostics.

Imspex Medical is a division of Imspex Diagnostics. With a Management team that is experienced in medical technology and diagnostics development and commercialisation, Imspex Medical has its focus firmly set on delivering breath analysis using GC-IMS technology as a cutting edge and timely technology to detect and diagnose the presence of disease using exhaled breath samples.

Funding rounds

The Imspex Group has employed €6.5Mn to date to develop the detection and medical diagnostic applications of our technology through a combination of external fundraising, grants and revenues generated elsewhere in the business. A further €8.5Mn was invested in fundamental research prior to that. 

A further round of Series A fundraising has now been opened with the decision to spin out Imspex Medical from the broader Imspex Group. Imspex Medical is finalising processes to obtain regulatory approvals, finish biomarker validation studies and set commercial arrangements in place to take our technology to market.

Discussions with potential strategic investors and clinical- and commercial partners will include:

  • Discussions with strategic investors:
    • Accelerating delivery of a Covid-19 platform as a first point of market entry
    • Promoting collaborations for exploratory investigations for a further three potential applications for Imspex Medical’s GC-IMS platform
  • Discussions with clinical partners: 
    • Accelerating our biomarker studies and follow-on clinical sample validation in real-time in point-of-care contexts
  • Discussions with global diagnostic and commercial partners: 
    • Accelerating manufacture and distribution of breath analysis and biofluid analysis to reach point-of-care contexts more quickly

Investment opportunities

Contact us with any questions or to discuss potential opportunities.